318 West Middle Street Gettysburg, PA 17325
Telephone: 717-334-9296 * 800-548-3240
Fax: 717-334-4715 inquiry@acofa.org

Adams County Office for Aging, Inc. (ACOFA) is a private non-profit agency dedicated to providing assistance to and advocacy for older people within Adams County, PA. Our mission is to assist older Adams Countians maintain their independence and their dignity within their own communities.

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To accomplish our mission, we offer a variety of services within the community to support our age 60 and over population including; adult day care, transportation, senior centers, Lifeline systems, medical equipment loan program, volunteer opportunities, tax preparation assistance, health insurance counseling, property tax and rent rebate assistance, protective services, legal services, and a variety of health and educational programs.

Services covering a wide range of needs are also provided in the home. These services include home health care such as skilled nursing, therapies, and home health aide services; personal care, providing assistance with bathing, dressing, eating, grooming, toileting, etc.; health support services such as housekeeping, shopping assistance, laundry and mending; respite care (caregiver relief), transportation; home delivered meals; and routine household chores as may be necessary to maintain an older personís health, safety and ability to remain in the home.

To receive services in the home, a care manager meets with the client in their home to determine their needs. Caregivers and family members may also be present. The care manager then develops a care plan for the individual to coordinate a variety of services.

To reach us, you can stop by our office located at 318 West Middle Street in Historic Gettysburg, PA 17325 during normal office hours which are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. You may call us at:
(717)-334-9296 or 800-548-3240 or Email us at:

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